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Ontario’s Austerity Government Sets Basic Income Trap
As real incomes have declined, related benefits and supports have been cut and the numbers forced to work for poverty wages has grown massively.
The counterrevolution crushes Aleppo
"Aleppo is being destroyed and burned completely. This is a final distress call to the world. Save the lives of these children and women and old men. Save them. Nobody is left."
Montreal hosts the World Social Forum
A report from Quebec on the latest gathering of labor, social movement, and left-wing activists as the WSF turned 15 years old.


Is Green the new Red

As Canadian workers remain in the thrall of Trudeaumania in spite of worsening conditions, many leftists have rebranded themselves as 'eco'-socialists. How has engagement with the climate justice movement benefitted the growth of a socialist alternative? Thursday, October 27th at 7:45pm. Mount Pleasant Community Centre, 1 Kingsway, Vancouver (Kingsway and Main St), Meeting Room 2. Everyone welcome!