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David Graeber. Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. (Review)
The author expands on an argument he first made in a 2013 essay that free-market capitalism has led to a proliferation of useless well-paying jobs. A review by Jason Kunin.

Building High Participation Unions: You Decide
High participation is the prerequisite to power. This is not unlike Woody Allen’s assertion that 80% of life is showing up.

Keeping the Red Flag Flying – Socialism 2018
The largest North American gathering of Marxist activists is the annual Socialism conference in Chicago by the International Socialist Organization.


Solidarity Trumps Trumpism

Come to a meeting of Socialist Solidarity on who and what is Trump, how his election affects Canada, and how we can fight!

Thursday, February 24 at 7 p.m. Mount Pleasant Community Centre, 1 Kingsway (Kingsway and Main), Meeting Room 2, Vancouver.