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Socialist Solidarity provides the following links to left groups and ideas across Canada on a non-partisan basis. Content is the sole responsibility of the posting group and in no way signifies endorsement by Socialist Solidarity.

Independent left news from the province of Alberta.

Providing a thoughtful, principled, and irreverent alternative to the false consensus of the corporate media.

Canadian Dimension
Bi-monthly publication out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Courage Coalition
A coalition of the independent left.

Idle No More
Ongoing grassroots protest movement comprising the First Nations peoples of Canada.

International Socialism
A quarterly journal of socialist theory, published by the Socialist Workers Party (England).

The Mainlander
Vancouver's place for progressive policitcs

The Media Co-op
Independent left reports from across Canada

Nouveau Cahiers du Socialisme
A Quebec, french language journal of the independent left.

Our Times
Canada's independent labour magazine.

Quebec Solidaire
French language solidarity site out of Quebec.

Online progressive news site offering in-depth features, provocative interviews and more.

Rank and
Canadian labour news and analysis from a critical perspective.

Red Flag (Socialist Alternative - Australia)
A leading Australian Marxist web.

Socialist Project
Socialist analysis of the current state of politics in Canada and around the world.

Socialist Worker
Daily news and opinion from the Left.

Solidarity Halifax
A membership-based, pluralist, non-sectarian, democratic, anti-capitalist organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Tyee
Independent, daily online magazine for British Columbia.

Vancouver EdoSocialists
Political and social justice activists.

Socialist Blogs