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When socialist organization fails: the ISO collapse
In 1981-82 I attended two ISO conferences where American comrades grappled with the need for a fundamental change in methods and, ultimately, leadership in the face of a radical decline in militant struggles. The result was a new leadership committed to a student focused, more propaganda oriented socialist group.

Is a Planned Economy Possible?
Socialists face a conundrum: increasing numbers in the West today say they identify as socialists, but revolutionary socialists remain confined to small groups with little influence, and one of the most important in the US has just dissolved.

Is a Planned Economy Possible?
Phillips and Rozworski argue and demonstrate in The People's Republic of Walmart that economic life can be organized to meet needs rather than profit by planning through a democratic socialist state.


Solidarity Trumps Trumpism

Come to a meeting of Socialist Solidarity on who and what is Trump, how his election affects Canada, and how we can fight!

Thursday, February 24 at 7 p.m. Mount Pleasant Community Centre, 1 Kingsway (Kingsway and Main), Meeting Room 2, Vancouver.